About ZAIN

ZAIN was born out of need to talk about and make design. The ability to design is one of the oldest practices in the human race; to make things serve a purpose. Here at ZAIN, we set out to emphasize the importance of design in everyday use. From industrial design, graphic design, textile design, object design urban design, hybrid design, achitecture and the list goes on, we believe we can influence the world around us by co-designing it. 

For that, four dedicated co-founders developed a festival, a cowork space to grow our community, a design accelerator and an academy, all in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. For now. 

We aim to create a culture and a practice in which we connect the design experts to every other actor that influences the built environment. We do this through an open process of co-design.

ZAIN, from deZAIN. 


About Us

Georgiana Ciceo. Architect. Jewellery designer (and maker). Perfectionist. Workaholic. Anxious. Casually antisocial. Stupidly loyal. Sickening empathetic. Frighteningly sincere. Obviously, a pessimist. Fond of art and avid reader. 

Razvan Luca. Capricorn. Cerebral and outgoing, he likes getting things done. Pragmatic, but idealistic, he believes his mind is his best friend and worst enemy at the same time. Being an architect, he is interested in all things visual, but he is also a sucker for a good story. 

Alexandra Mihali. Scorpio. Intense eye-roller. But curly haired and light-hearted most of the time.The crisis solver with a taste for drama. And with an obsession for the sky. Manager and event planner. Beauty lover. And a philanthropist at heart. 

Florina Dascal. Aquarius. Young and restless. Passionate about too many causes. Architect at times, creative dolphin in truth. Completely clumsy and messy but compensating with a big smile. Too optimistic.  In love with the sea and some other clichés.  Humanitarian at heart. Constantly planning on making the world a better place.  A free spirit. 









4 Bishop Ioan Bob Street
Cluj-Napoca, Romania